Approaching from East to LLGB

I am currently flying from VIDP to LLGB for FNF and I am coming from the East. The NOTAM says “All aircraft please approach from the west”. Will I have to go around the airport and then follow the given waypoints (from @MishaCamp) into the airport or what? RWY 30 would be convenient for me.


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As part of the NOTAM for the FNF today all aircraft approaching the Airport are required to use the Waypoints given by Misha, which are listed in the FNF Thread.

Follow these qoutes on the FNF Thread!

So I would have to circle the airport first and then follow the waypoints?

Yes, or you can descend over the top while maintaining outside of their airspace. I suggest working out your best route and executing it, the IFATC controller should be sympathetic should you explain that you were trying something that didnt quite work out should it all go wrong.

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Hm ok, I’ll try that

If you go over the top, ensure you dont enter Towers bubble and are then pointing the correct way when you enter the traffic corridor.

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