Approaching Frankfurt am Main B78X

Here are my pre approach photos of my arrival to Frankfurt:

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Awesome photos! Keep in mind you can also go into live replay mode and get those super HD photos!


I’m watching my replay now! It’s amazing! Plus, I didn’t see most of the flight because it was an overnight flight from SFO-FRA.

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Now you can see it! You can also see when you “grease” your landings! 😉

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I love to grease my bread, that doesn’t make sense though, Butter the Bread

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Whatever way you like to say it. Either way, great shots.

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Now, the runway isn’t bread, is it? ;)

Either way, I especially like the first engine view shot. A suggestion for future photos is to turn off other airplane names and dots and maybe the control panel so they look more natural.


Nope, it’s asphalt or concrete, (bread!)

Yeah I should, that would be cool.

Wait did you take off from EWR? Because if you did I love how you replicated it. Like the third shot is just amazing.

No, took of from SFO.