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Hello everyone!
since I started to controll approach I noticed something.
When you are flying into an airport, be careful about your altitude, I’m seeing so many aircraft arrive at 30 nm from destination to +20000 feet, this is not correct, try to calculate your descent in time, the ideal would be to get to the 30nm destination to a maximum of 10/12000 feet, then if controller tells you to slow down to 8000, it means that you have to get down quickly enough, you can not put 20 minutes and get to 10nm by ILS and you’re still in 15000, is a problem for us when we are organizing the airspace, then do not insist “with you”, I know you’re with me, but you’re too tall, I need time and space to get you down, I think there are tutorials so please have a look. This link helps you …


What I try to do is try be at 15k or below when Contacting APPR. Makes it easier on the controller

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I try to be at about 10000 ft when I contact approach.

Without approach, this is even more prescient. Tower cannot give you vectored altitudes. There is no reason for you to be at FL250 9 nm out (actual situation encountered yesterday) travelling at 450 knots.

It doesn’t require a descent calculator to figure that one out.

What happens often is they request an entry and landing, but then throw a wrench into sequencing because they suddenly realize they have to descend, but do so by interrupting others’ sequencing.

Other traffic at a responsible altitude should not be held up due to no fault of their own. Expect a go around.


Case in point:


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Forgot to mention,ideally descent is -2000,depending on the aircraft

I decend at -1000vs

Depending on your altitude/speed/nm to dest

As a tower controller, and finding that this issue has yet to abate, please do not be surprised if you do not receive clearance to land until you are at a respectable altitude.

I have had too many situations where the pilot sequenced number 2 ends up having to follow someone 15 extra miles downwind because they’re at 20k feet.

I know everyone wants to travel as fast as possible, but there is absolutely no reason to hit downwind 5 miles from the airport at 420 knots, FL150.

If someone is behind you at 3k, they’re getting cleared first. Then you’ll have all the time in the world to extend 20 miles downwind or execute 360s or miss the cone 2 times because you’re too high and too fast.

If you’re in the cone at FL90, expect a go around. A380s do not perform assault landings.

If you are not yet in the pattern, expect several 360s until you can get yourself to a respectable altitude. I have had too many pilots who are disrupting traffic flow because they refuse to responsibly descend prior to arrival.

(I believe it’s actually FAA SOP that the pilot with the lower altitude gets first clearance, anyway, though someone is free to correct me on that.)



The pilot on final decides he’s way too high (which he is), but he doesn’t declare a go around, he just starts flying about at random assuming his sequencing is still in play. The disrupts the inbound flow of the second pilot, which is unfair. (Also note that the 7 miles is from the tower. More like 5-6 from touchdown.)

So if you are 10 miles away at 12k and wondering why you aren’t getting cleared and receiving 360s, wonder no more. This isn’t even the worst case I had today. (That would be approaching the cone at 14k @ 420 knots; insane.)


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Yes. Approach knows you are with them.

You’re down there by yourself because you’re still at FL220…

I know you’re there.

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