Approaching an airport?

I know, this is common sense, isn’t it?

Now I don’t know if people who try to jump the queue in a supermarket do this because they don’t care or perhaps they just don’t understand. For these people, and for whoever this is not yet logical and common sense, here it is again…

Let’s agree… it’s really not that hard!

For your reference, here is a link to an earlier post for airports with Tower ATC, which is somewhat related.


Thank you for making this! It’s quite annoying when this happens on expert when no ATC is present.


I really appreciate you making this. This is definitely something some pilots need to be refreshed on. :)


This is one of my hugest flying peeves on Infinite Flight Live. Thankyou for making this post.

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This entire post in one word:

I hate when people do this, on the playground (when I used to have to to) I was on final and people were doing pattern work kept cutting in front, that annoying!

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