Approaching an Airport

If I am approaching an airport using the pre-made Arrival waypoints and were to switch to ILS for the approach, would I request GPS or ILS or Both for the approach in ATC?

I assume you mean when approach isn’t active?
It depends when you activate appr then it’s an ILS approach. If you continue on your FPL and use VNAV and LNAV it’s a GPS approach.
However when approach is not active you shouldn’t call inbound on the ILS, GPS etc. you should just call inbound for landing once you reach towers airspace (25NM out at or below 10000ft)

When approach is active you should call inbound on the ILS, GPS or visual depending on the clearance you got

Let’s say there is ATC and I call inbound for landing and then the tower gives me GPS, can I then use GPS to line up with the runway and then switch to ILS to land?

Tower can’t say fly an ILS approach
They for example say enter right downwind runway xx and then you can use any approach you want

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But you know when you try to request a landing it asks you Visual, GPS or ILS which do I pick if I’m using GPS AND ILS.

You can also just call inbound for landing I’ll show you how to do it in a second

You need to click call inbound->landing or touch and go(depends what you want)->Then Click „send“ or choose a specific runway you want

If you use the remade approach and altitudes, that is GPS. If you set an rw as nav 1 that is ILS. If there is no approach active then don’t request either of them; just say inbound for landing requesting rw…
hope this helped!

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