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Hey guys, I was flying from Lima Peru to opico Ecuador and I crashed. I was on my Approach about 30 miles out and I had started to descend low enough where I had to dodge mountains. The airport is situated at 7900 feet so obviously I was trying to slowly descend to 10900 feet about 15 miles out and I was on course to do so but I had to take off autopilot and hand fly it for a little bit to get over some mountains. Is there a website or a resource I can use to find terrain maps for Infinite Flight? I don’t get how I’m supposed to make a safe approach when I have to Go up and down dodging things. I want real-world advice so please do not comment saying something that would only apply specifically to this simulation. I want to solve this issue quickly thank you in advance

By the way it is a beautiful approach for anyone looking for a fun route

You should take a look at the STAR charts for tricky, high altitude airports. There are some uselfull topics in #tutorials. :)


Check the maps on Shows the MSA for many airports.

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The MSA? Not aware what that is

Minimum Sector Altitude. If you don‘t fly lower than the MSA, you will always have the minimum vertical separation of 1000ft given.

Note that this is only useful for a general overview of the terrain situation at an airport. As already mentioned above, it‘s the best to use STARs and SIDs.


I have a lot more to learn than I thought I did. Thank you guys I appreciate it hope you guys are doing well during this time

Yep, there‘s always something new to learn. Thanks, stay safe as well!

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Often googling the 4-letter code will lead to the approach charts for the airport you want to land on.

Also check out this tutorial on STARs:


It’s all a part of being a pilot, both in a simulation and in real life. I know this comparison probably isn’t necessary but how do you think Captain Sullenberger was able to bring that US Airways plane down safely into the Hudson River? He adapted to the conditions he was given. He wasn’t expecting birds to knock out both engines, but he was able to bring the plane down safely. Relating to IF, I flew into Sarajevo in Bosnia/Herzegovina a few months ago, and it was a tricky approach. Still landed the bird safely.

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@Tyler_Barley… MaxSez: No worries Tyler this one is a no brainer and does not require a bunch of prattile.

Google is your your friend. Search by ICAO and insert the following

“RNav Approach Chart ICAO RwNo.”

RNAV gives you the GPS Arrival route by Way Point/Fix to the Threshold.

Try it you’ll like it…
Regards, Max

(Approach Charts by those who know also call them “Plates”)

(STARs/SIDS are sophisticated Nav charts of no real value for the routine Op on IF except enroute. IFATC Operations presently are incomparable w/these Plates/Procedures. Users will always be required to terminate there flight plan and can expect vectors upon arrival at their terminus at present.)


@Tyler_Barley.l MaxSez. Your arrival airport “Opico” not in the Ecuador airport database. No Chart available my Search. Appeared only large Metro B/c Ports are of file. Sorry bout that! Search routine I use works for me

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