Hi, so I was approaching to KORD and my landing runway assigned was 27R, when the approach said ‘turn left heading xxx, descend and maintain 3000 until localiser’ my aircraft was infact goimg away from 27R and heading to a different runway. So I decided to turn so I can align with the correct runway but was then told to check ATC instructions. I’m quite confused? Did I do something wrong? I only did that cuz it did not align with the correct runway and there were no nearby aircraft. What do you do in these situations? Thanks.


Was this on the expert server?

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Yes it was

what time did this happen?

hello, you have already made the same topic here:

Whats the point of making another one?

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Contact the controller who was active during the time that it happened. Other than that I don’t know what to tell you. Don’t make duplicate topics.

The controller should tell you. Also don’t make more than 1 topic about this.

I was flagged I didn’t know whether what I said was against the rules or if it was the right category

Sorry I was flagged first time so I thought I did something wrong that went against rules

No it was not. Its still open. I have flagged this topic for you.

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Slow down everyone commenting.

I’m assuming you are new to expert correct? Here is a good tutorial on how to fly an ILS approach.

ATC will never give you a runway heading for an ILS approach clearance as you would never intercept the localizer this way. Do some research on the localizer and where it is found in the HUD.

Here are all the infinite flight tutorials to assist you.


Thank you so much, not exactly new, but never really experienced this but thanks for the help

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No problem any questions feel free too ask.

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For yours and everyone else’s information. Not sure why this topic was flagged to the point of being hidden. This is not a ghosting inquiry this is a pilot trying to reach out and find out why he was given a specific command. He came here searching for the answer to why he was given the check tutorials message which was exactly it’s designed purpose.

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To answer your question, that’s what you did wrong. Always follow ATC instructions on the Expert server.

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