hello must he respect the rule as in real life like for example

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No you don’t have to follow every real world rule, fly in a proper manner though with the basics of flight with the proper etiquette and when on with ATC follow their instructions. Check tutorials to see what is expected of you but real world approach’s and airspace’s are complex and things you can integrate after if you want to be more realistic.


And in expert server

Same thing for expert. As long as you fly in a realistic and respectful manner, you’re fine.


Nope as I said understanding the basics is what you need to know, e.g. what it means to enter left downing in the pattern or when to use remaining in the pattern, Don’t taxi through people, How to request transitions and when etc

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What is maintain slawest practical speed

That means to fly at the slowest possible speed but still maintain to be airborne without stalling.

I.e. ATC could say: “Maintain Slowest Practical Speed”, and you’re flying at 160kts, then depending on the weight of your plane, you’d slow down your plane to the slowest speed possible without stalling and falling down.


yet I am the king to stall ah ah ah how to know the speed of the stall of the plane

You can test that out by doing Approaches on Solo with different amount of weight, that is with different amount Passengers, Cargo and Fuel.

Since your weight of the plane and other factors such as winds will always e different at the end of a flight no matter how similar your flights may be. Let’s say you do KLAX to KSFO, and you have the same weight both times, but you’ll most likely end up with slight different weights at the end.

Also the winds may be at favor sometime, and sometime not.

Personally for me, as I always fly Long Hauls, and the 777 is a aircraft I fly often, I tend to not fly any slower than 140kts with it during approach.


how to tell the atc emergency landing if you run out of fuel for example

sorry if I ask too much question I will pass on expert server

There will be a option to call in for emergency when you have fuel that will last for less than an 1 hour I believe, but you’ve had to flown for while before that option appears, that is so that you don’t deliberately fly with little fuel only ask for emergency landing and disrupt the flow on purpose.

Don’t worry about asking the questions, I’m happy to help only that I’m pretty sure you ca find most of your answers by searching for them in the search bar and there are multiple tutorials that could cover most of what you’re wondering about.

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we ask for a track at the tower or at the approach

What do you mean by Track?

Runway for exemple 06l

If there’s Approach controller than you may ask for a specific runway to land at. And when Approach hands you over to Tower then you tell tower which runway you’re inbound on.

But if there’s no Approach and only Tower than you ask Tower controller for a runway.

You will not always get the runway you want to land at, depends on how much traffic there is, so always follow ATC instructions.

is it serious if I do not know how to land manually

Kind of… Some planes does have APPR, which you can use, then the plane will land by it self. Remember that you should activate APPR when established on the localizer, not before.

Other planes you have to manually land. You can always practice Approach on Solo Mode or in Casual Server :)


I flight withe a319 because there is appr

Then you should be okay using the APPR with it, and should be able to land, if you follow all the instructions.

But it’s always good to learn how to manually fly the plane :)