He does Some of you guys have tips for me Because I don’t really understand the vectoring part of Approach?

The most important thing is to line up the planes in a nice order. Each plane with enough distance to the plane ahead and at the back. In short: don’t let planes approach very close to each other

Just like this:image


Use your space. As an approach controller you have to utilize your space. You can’t just try to cram people in. It’ll lead to bad sequencing and overall bad controlling.


Always have planes intercept the ils at 30degrees and 3,000ft above ground level if at the end of the cone.


But in IF you don’t really have guidelines. How do I excatly know how much degrees the plane have to turn ?

The runway numbers are usually (close to) the degree heading. Using that and the compass around the outside you can designate the flight heading. Read the weather then land planes into the wind where possible. Hand the plane to tower after vectoring heading to ils intercept.

Did you know you can hold and drag planes around to set a heading?

I keep reading this but is that true?

? Yes? Try it then.

@Fabian-BB That chart looks a bit wrong to me. You are supposed to intercept the ILS. Not cut through it.

good job for reaching out Wolff, thats what separates you from the rest!

I strongly suggest taking a detailed look at the Tutorials category, there’s tons of stuff on there, useful information on sequencing, the different variations of approach commands and their meanings and so on. If you would like a little practice I’m sure there are a good sample of people willing to do some runs with you on a designated airport, get them to give you some feedback to work on etc etc. Have a look at this, may help with understanding ILS a little closer: How to fly an ILS approach

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No I didn’t

Thank you Harry

Thank you guys fot helping I Will use the tips.

It does work!! Now all I need is for people to listen when I’m giving instructions 😒

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