Approach vectors

So recently i found out that like being an approach ATC and i saw videos of approach atc sessions and all of them seem to drag a pink line which assigns a heading then later you have other options like altitude and stuff like that and i have no idea how to do that ive checked the settings to see if something is to toggle but it seems that there is nothing. Thanks in advance

Place and hold your finger over the plane under your control, then it’ll come up, drag and release from there. Hope this helps

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Tap, hold, and drag the plane you would like to vector.

It’s called the “click-and-drag” feature when doing approach or departure control. Simply click and hold the aircraft icon and do a dragging motion on the screen and the pink line appears with a heading number, minimum safest altitude, and distance from their origin to where you are vectoring them.

You’ll see a dialog box appear which will contain the speed and altitude that you can select for the pilot to maintain, climb, or descend. Hope this helps you. :)

i had you as an ATC the other day…not bad at all…good stuff

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Thank god the pro did a good job ;)


Thanks! Sometimes it becomes overwhelming and i cant get my head around haha

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Thank you, Nathan. It definitely helped.

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Thank you Ksisky, cheers mate.

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Thanks OP, have a nice day/night. Cheers

you don’t have to tell me twice, i was once a controller and as you said, it be a bit challenging

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lol i wouldn’t go to work if I couldn’t…

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No worries, practice and come join the others on the team. It can get overwhelming at times, but as a controller, I teach runway out… the people further away aren’t as important as the ones closer to the airport. The further away the more room/less congested it is.

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