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Hello all. Now I understand that most of the time, airports are very busy. But I’ve done 3 flights since the update, and on 2 of them I’ve been vectored off of my approach path. I know the SIDS, STARS and VNAV were added for more realism, but I can’t really use the features because almost every time I start my approach, I’m vectored by either the Center or Approach controller into a pattern.

Hey there! I would assume you are flying into a busy airport, no? Probably due to the traffic levels of traffic there is said deviations. Maybe fly into smaller airports?


How far off of your approach path were you vectored?

It is typical to receive a vector or two onto a base/downwind, but center/procedures are hopefully reducing the large snaking lines we see.

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Hello, not every time you will be able to follow your approach, ATC try to get everyone following the same route into the airport so they can organise everything

Thanks, Cpt_Zorndy

I understand that, but I’ve only gotten to use those features once out of 3 flights.

Happened today at Heathrow, and yesterday at Melbourne

I would obviously recommend you head to smaller hubs in the region (like Frankfurt today) to see if you can get full services with all the new features. Although, IFATC is volunteer-based so it’s not 100% certain.

@Will_A Today I was vectored away from the LOGAN1H arrival into a 20nm straight in approach. The turn into the approach almost took me directly over London City.

@Luke_Sta It was my final approach after a near 13 hour flight. I didn’t realize there was going to be that much traffic at all when planning the flight. (The app crashed on short final anyway.)

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I actually just inserted the LOGA1H arrival into my FPL. It basically takes you to a final. The only difference was you were turned off a little bit early, most likely to accommodate traffic. Luckily this wasn’t a huge snaking like, but rather a small deviation!


I’ll just try flying into smaller airports. My iPad keeps crashing when I fly into big airports after the update, which is weird cause it’s only 8 months old. Thanks though

This isn’t meant to be insensitive in the slightest bit but…

Welcome to the real world of air traffic.

This is so incredibly common and operating in high density traffic environments will likely yield the same result. Embrace the challenge of managing your flight plan as ATC issues deviations and continuations. 🙂

Side note: We are learning too and you can expect less and less deviations as controllers master various techniques.


Thanks Tyler. I’ve been thinking about joining IFATC but the amount of traffic on one controller is intimidating

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We’d love to have you! Most members would agree that understanding the ATC aspect really has brought their knowledge and experience full circle.

We start you at smaller class Delta and Charlie airports, promote to Bravo, have check ride phases, and so many tools to ensure you succeed.


Sounds good!

MaxSez: No question IFATC is at the Top of their game. No gripes from me! It’s Leadership and organizationally its sound and thriving.

Now if the Pilots had some “Leadership”, Mentors and a dedicated training staff to guide the Fledglings, all thing considered the IF Universe would be complete.

It takes 2 to Tango, at some point the “Others” will get the Staff attention required, Tech aside people pay the freight. The silent majority should always be considered, the loudest should not take first place or influence the decision process.

Had to be said… Regards All, Max


Actually, I wouldn’t just say this is unrealistic. IRL, ATC will often give vectors off the FPL. Usually these are actually shortcuts, but of course sometimes there need to be delay vectors.

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