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I was on approach into Zurich on expert today when I was being vectored into a specific runway. I was following instructions, and flying the heading set by ATC. However, after flying a certain heading for some time, I noticed that I began leaving the airspace of the airport. I was planning on asking for vectors, but, after previous attempts ending with “avoid duplicate messages” I decided not to, instead I turned 10 degrees toward the runway and was immediately reported. So I was wondering, any way to avoid this in the future?


I think this belongs in #live but correct me if im wrong. IFATC do know what they’re doing and know why they’re vectoring you since they are well trained. Zurich is a busy airspace right now and IFATC is busy dealing with lots of aircraft. You should still just wait for further instructions. They’ll get to you eventually.



Said earlier by an IFATC supervisor in a similar topic made earlier.

Yes, follow instructions and be patient.


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