Approach V/S settings

As you can see in this vid during approach the person sets his V/S. What factors do you have to have in mind when setting V/S during approach? thanks.

My vertical speed really has to just align with the glide slope. On approach I like to hand fly it in so I can have more accessibility on what VS to align better with the glide slope for landing.

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And what about short final? I see mostly people have their vs at -800 on short final. when do you do that?

That’s way too much. You’ll smack down on the pavement if you continue to land with that. As I said earlier rely on your glide slope information and hand fly it. By following the glide slope you have a more stable approach when following the glide slope information. On short final you should be hand flying it anyways.

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Lol thanks, you’re always helpful ;)

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A standard 3 degree glide slope is around 800VS speed dependent. Your round out and flare at the end should reduce your VS to what you want for touchdown (I aim for 250 VS or less).

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