Approach Training @ PHOG - Closed

Hello all!

I’m opening up PHOG approach on the Training Server for some approach practice.

Please come on down and help me out. I take my radar test later today.

All approaches welcome. Please behave respectfully and follow all instructions.

Ghosting will not be enforced, so don’t worry.

I’ll be open for over 30 minutes.

I have received permission to open on TS and post this topic.

Thanks in advance for all your help!


I will see if I can stop by!

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Agh I just left to go to tennis, maybe next time! Good luck on your journey to radar!


I’ll come by now. Hope I’m not the only one. Time to teach some youngin’ how to grease. 😬


I’m not going cause Deer is going!

Bummer. You’re missing out on the special aircraft I’m flying… Catch ya next time then. 🤗


Oh boy, i am 100% coming then. Get ready to see some grease ;)

Ah well I wouldn’t be able to see it anyway.

@Medic333 thanks for coming!

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How long are you going to be open for? I can try to come after I land in San Francisco.

Sure you would! You have the aircraft right now. 😂 We need to talk about changing your name to “The_LessOfAGeniusman”


At least another 40 minutes.

Will, I’ll try to get in from HNL to help you out. if the traffic isn’t too crazy

I’m coming now :)

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Is DeEr GoInG OFf ToPiC?

Sorry Will. No cell signal (middle of Colorado)


I had to leave :/ but you look good mate! 👍🏼

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Closing up now. I may open up later today before my test. Thanks to all who came and helped out. It means a lot!

Good luck. Thosee intercepts were spot on.

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Sorry man, couldn’t swing this one, I will see if you open up again and can swing by later! :)

Grease, yes. Not butter!