Approach Tracking more difficult

I am not certain if this is part of the new server displays, but I have two issues controlling now:

  1. When I clear an aircraft for landing, my screen panel no longer changes the flight’s intended runway number Green to show its cleared to land. This was a great feature.
  2. I can only see flight planing information for each flight when it is clicked -I used to be able to scan the screen and read everyone’s flight status (Call sign, Alt,Speed). I can’t predict potential conflicts at a glance now without clicking each aircraft.

Have there been some changes to the ATC controls or is this a configuration issue on my device I need to fix?

Thanks for any help.

I had this same issue and almost sent two aircraft right into each other. They were flying at the same altitude in conflicting directions. I managed to tell one to do a 360 before they crashed. The thing I miss the most is the alt,speed, etc display. I needed that to maintain minimum safety separation. Now I have to click several different things before I can get the option to look at their current status. Thank you for putting this post up


All of that information is still displayed…


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