Approach to Tower handover bug


This is second time I’ve had this issue. Today I was flying into EHAM with approach confirmed for RWY 18C. Handed off to Tower, call inbound announcing intention to land at to RWY 18C, no answer. Try again, no answer. I can see that I’m tuned into the Tower as the comm panel label/freq. shows this - and all the Com panel actions also confirm this. However I’m still hearing Approach chatter. Now Tower try to contact me a number of times. Each time I respond, but while I can hear them, they are obviously not hearing me.

Any ideas?


Ps. I’m running an iPad Pro 10.5” (A1701) with 512GB, 431Gb free, IOS 12.1

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Have you tried deleting the the app and redownloading it ?

No, but I might give that a go, thanks

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Iv’e had a similar issue before,

What i did was just restarted my device and haven’t had it since!

I do love how much storage you have aha

Just noticed an IOS 12.1.1 update so I’ll do that now and hopefully the whole update/reboot process will solve this.

Good to know I’m not going crazy 😜


Yer… I was just reading what a staff commented also when someone had an atc issue
I think updating your IOS could help

Hope i helped !

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This might be it , but I have 12.1 and I have no issues like that.

u were not ghosted right?
Also did you have good connection?

Luckily not ghosted, but quit immediately on landing to be safe. 100/40Mb connection so all good there. Sounds like it might be a bug, so hopefully reboot & re install will fix


You don’t have to quit the flight. We handle you as a NORDO. Just make sure not to conflict with any aircraft and you should be fine. Contact ground ones of the runway

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