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I’m a little confused, I went from approach saying expect ils vectors for runway 36l then later on said turn right 020 maintain 3k etc. After was switched to tower. Now I asked for clearance to land and was told to read forum tutorial. What did I do wrong? Did I not have to request landing?


Hi Ryan, it might have something to do with how you reported inbound. Did you report to tower “Inbound on the ILS runway 36L” or did you just request a landing. You should request to land with what approach approach had given you.

I believe the approach controller hasn’t cleared you for approach. You should wait for the approach controller to say “Contact xxx tower on xxx MHz” instead of switching it on your own.


Think he was switched over as stated

PM the ATC he might recall why

As @Aceorbit mentions, when inbound and doing an ILS Approach and you get switched to Tower, you don’t Report inbound for landing, but inbound on the ILS.

More below:

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i talked to the atc on at the time and since approach gave me vectors to 34L and switched me to tower i should have said 34L ILS for landing. thanks yall


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