Approach time lapse at EDDM

If you watch carefully, you’ll notice a number of missed approaches, where people don’t turn when they cross the localizer.

Best viewed in YouTube where you can select the highest resolution.


Some people don’t understand the concept of intercepting the localizer.


If you read carefully you could see that the Video is on a Youtube Channel.

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You do realize he’s Expert Controller right?

Furthermore. Nice video Gary! Notice “Lufthansa 241” making the perfect intercept :)


Oops, Ah my mistake @Emil

This is Expert 😂😂 lmao


I’d be surprised if that was on TS. Lol.

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Let alone the fact, that Gary is one of our top controllers 😂🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️


I created the real-time version of the video for another purpose. When I was fast forwarding to find some of the more interesting segments I thought it looked pretty cool, and that others might get a kick out of it too.

IF: Ultimate ATC Edition

@GHamsz I always like your efficiency when controlling. Seeing you handle over 20 planes efficiently makes me appreaciate your efforts in the IFATC community.

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Could you elapse the time during “non-intercept” portions and real time it during those. It is really hard to follow and watch what is going on.

I’ve got another video where I orbited a plane around the airport I was controlling at, but it was so quiet I didn’t bother posting it. That one was nice because the zoom was constant, and screen wasn’t jumping all around. Next time I’ll use that method just for you!

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If this was ts1 I would believe anything is possible.

That looks awesome, great job @GHamsz ;)

That N348YF callsign was giving you a tough time

I’m being more of a stickler about handing off to tower only after pilots turn for the localizer. As a result, I’m seeing a few more missed apps. It seems they won’t turn until they are on tower freq.

The good news is, many get it figured out the second or third time!

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