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Hello guys…
Could anyone please tell me why the aircraft would make such a huge pitch on approach?
Speed: 140 knots
Flaps: full
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Device: iPad Air 2019

That view does not help any. Need to see the HUD view.

Unfortunately the replay does not show what AP was set to so we don’t have a 100% full picture of everything.

It may be that you’re too slow. The A321 normally lands at 150kts.


I agree with both of the statements above, but I would add that you should make sure your aircraft’s weight corresponds to the speed of your approach and you sure make sure your using trim!

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Were you using autoland?

Trim was +41

sounds like a heavy aircraft that can’t maintain its pitch at that speed therefore needed more speed!

That happened before i engaged APPR mode

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The type of irrational movements look like autoland was trying to maintain itslelf on the localizer but the speed wasn’t getting it there

Looks like you still have one of your A/P’s still on active

The aircraft was established on the localizer but it pitches drastically up and down before catching the GS

I’m not fully understanding. Were you trying to engage autoland then or was that later?

your aircraft was just too heavy, you should have add more speed, was your aircraft weight above MLW/MTOW?

Yea the AP was engaged, i was intending to use APPR mode

Not at all… It was within the limits

It looks like the speed was the issue here. Next time rembember that the ideal landing speed is 150 knots for an A321. Happy flying!

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Thank you buddy… I expected that the issue is absolutely related to the speed… Happy flying too👍

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I had a similar issue recently with A/P (not APPR) activates to maintain 3000feet while flying 180kts in the A320.

Solved it by switching V/S off and solely keeping the altitude set to 3000feet, which reduced the vertical movement.

My altitude was stable on 3000 feet and V/S was 0 since i reached my assigned altitude… That happened before i engaged the APPR mode… Maybe related to an approach speed, what do you think?!