Approach speeds of Boeing aircraft [PDF]

This PDF will show you the approach speeds of every Boeing-made aircraft, from the B707-320B to the MD-90-30ER, with defined weights, you´ll have to experiment with the speeds if you have a heavier aircraft.
I still don´t know how the behemoth 777-200ER/300 can approach at 139kts/142kts respectively.


Even the dc-3 is on there!

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That´s quite remarcable. Its still being used so, the did the correct thing in adding it.

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Nice find, thanks for sharing

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Anything to make IF as real as possible.

Quite general info. We need to know the respective weights.

Check this for the B77W: 777-300ER flaps configuration

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That’s why it says with a defined weight. Not taking into account other settings.

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