Approach speeds for dummies

As an playground controller in IF, I see some pilots on short final doing 250knts (the speed limit below 10000ft), not realistic and unpractical.

some speeds that are practical for new ATC playground pilots.

Downwind and base leg: 190-180knts
final: 140-160
short final: 140(this depends on load)

P.S. I know a tutorial on this topic has already been posted but this is mostly aimed at new pilots just entering the world of ATC. share your thoughts.

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Great. I always try to approach at about 150-160 knots on short final but with a heavy A380 it can be difficult sometimes, especially when the weather is not on my side :smile:

I agree with @Samuel123abc. When flying a heavy it’s tough landing below 160 knots.

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Since in the App it’s more about being vectored for the approach instead of for departure, it’s better keeping your gross weights at typical landing weights.

The A388, for example, lands with about 135 knots.

These speeds are for the approach, not short final, thats when I start to reduce speed to 130knts.
P.S. I don’t fly the A388 alot so I don’t know it’s exact landing speed.

The A380-800 actually has a massive wing-surface area, thus producing extra lift, and this results in it having a very similar approach speed to the likes of an A320!
Most other Heavies don’t have as much wing area compared to their weight so they can be hard to land at slow speeds!
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@Mike @Samuel123abc

Indeed @BBJMAX

The B77W, for example, lands with about 145 knots.

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I typically fly the Boeing 777-300ER with a load factor of 80%. I have it pushed beyond the normal range. This gives a feel of added realism, such as capacity passenger rates.
Landing at 140 knots would be a difficult final. Maneuverability is hard enough at 160 knots. 😁

@Mike As I said before, it’s better keeping your aircrafts at typical landing weights for simplify things for the Approach and/or Tower controllers.

And landing with much more than the MLW is absolutely unrealistic.


At time to times,

I do 160-170

you can always google the aircrafts checklist for the most accurate speed I keep it at 160ish load depending also. There was a Qantas A380 that had a # 2 engine failure and landed well over there MLW and there touch down speed was like 166 I think and they barley made it.

I have an approach speed chart from Boeing that covers most of their planes, and I find that, for example, you can get a 777-300ER down to 130 to make for a great approach speed.