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Hey I have heard that for example when i am 9.0 NM out of the Airport i should have 190 Knots and etc, is that right?

A quick google search and found this.


160 knots 10 nm to 5 nm

This is a feature request from a RWA pilot:

Or here:

Anyone who says “unable” to slowing to 190 or 200 12 nm out is not well-prepared. Not that that just happened to me or anything…


But when should i be?

When should you be what?

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I mean when should i be at the right speed?

If you mean 190, I don’t know. It’s a little different everywhere, but virtually anywhere, you should be at or near 180 when preparing to intercept more than 10 miles out, unless it’s a really long straight in or something. 190 is okay outside of 10 nm, it’s not crazy, but it’s certainly not too much to ask. When you hit 10 nm, slow to 160 until you hit 5 nm, then prepare for final configuration. Distances are DME from the threshold, not the tower, BTW.

Generally, if you’re not slowing down by the time you’re turning base, you’re probably going to make an unnecessarily-wide turn. If you’re on base expecting an intercept vector, I would suggest being at 180 so that you’re prepared to hit the turn accurately without having to swing back, as so many IF pilots do.


my tip:
4nm=140knots (Final speed for most of aircraft)

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I suggest that 190 kts for an XCUB is a bit fast…


Good luck getting there


It is that i have heard @Allen_Lu but i don’ was sure about it was right.
Thank you to i can now be sure.

I say most of aircrafts such as A320 families or 737s…
Sigh 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Just make sure once you are in the cone your max speed is 180 Knots. Then progressively reduce speed and increase your flap setting. By 6nm I would be around 150 then 140 pretty soon after in case tower wants to get a dep out. If an aircraft is hot on my tail then I will keep my speed up a bit till the last second but still that’s just general etiquette

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Thank you.

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For heavy jets I always brief 10nm, 180kts, Flap 5 (Boeing)

Most busy airfields will want to restrict your decel so they can stack up the traffic behind you. Normal is 160kts to 4nm in the UK and 170kts to 5nm in the US.

Approaching 4.5nm/5.5nm (check your flap limiting speed if using F30) select your landing flap, at 4nm/5nm select Vapp+5 and use the speedbrake.

Land like a god…


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