Approach speed when disconnected autopilot

I’ve noticed through a video of landing from cockpit view, don’t pilots disconnect thrust automation? I saw altitude, v/s and hdg were disconnected.

It’s better to land the plane manualy than using the autopilot.

This was in an Airbus right?

The auto pilot in the real world is much more capable than the IF one. IRL the autopilot can calculate everything for landing. The autopilot can get the exact speed for landing and then set the brake to reach the runway exit. Here the pilots probably had that set up.

Some airlines (I believe for example BA) keep the speed managed by the A/P all the way down.

That has pros and cons (e.g. the speed is kept more exactly but in case of a failure the managing of the speed isn’t that deeply anchored into the pilots experience)

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It was B777.

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