Approach speed too slow when spawning on approach (stall)

Here is a video:
I noticed this when trying to do an approach at Lovefield in the 737-700, I tried it in the C208 and it seemed a little slow as well. Although the 737 was stalling out completely at 85 knots.

I dont see a question in your post.

Are you suggesting that the stall speed needs to be higher or questioning why you stalled at 85 kts?

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I’m not an expert but I think the 737 landing speed is 150 kts.

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No, when I spawn the speed is too slow. So you stall before being able to approach.

Ok. On solo… I think most spawn and you will need to increase the speed. The next time you spawn it will not start at 0.

If people were wondering I’m in IOS 11.0.3 iPhone SE.

Oh , if you mean Solo short final, yep.

This has been an issue for as long as I can remember, just pull up a bit and increase speed momentarily and it should be fine. Still easier than flying around and doing the approach again.

Problem is 85 knots is so slow that when you jam the throttle to max and pull up even a bit, or even push down, you still stall!

Yeah you need to keep the throttle up, you should be landing at around 140 Knots Indicated Airspeed.

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