Approach Speed Inquiry

It will vary slighty aircraft to aircraft but mostly the approach speed will be around 140 (for me at least)

that thing in a severe need of a rework

Landing speed algorithm

  • Search for the approach speed for the aircraft you’re flying located in the POH Pilots operating handbook

No one answered you at first because there is no such thing, and is pointless to comment. Since you decided to be aggressive in your responses I figured you could research.


What I do is aleoach speed is 200knts.
Then about 8-9 miles out go to 180knts flaps 1-25
About 6-7 miles go to 160 knots. This is flaps 35
About 5 miles out I put gear down, and set full flaps. 40/45
Around 4 miles out I take manual control and fly the landing at 150knst
Final landing speed is 115-140
This can be used for the A318 to the 767-300. Hope this helped!

This is like asking how a watch works.

I agree. Get the basics, then move up in size. The CRJ will fill a perfect gap between GA and airliners.

I do not have a way to calculate but i do have the speeds that are best for each aircraft