Approach Speed Inquiry

does any one here know an algorithm or way i can use to calculate the (rough) approach speed

because i usually am off where i either must land at way too high of a pitch angle or slam on the runway bc im too slow or float on my flare bc im too fast

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can no one help me? usually this takes 2 seconds

Have you started with the tutorial videos by SkyhawkHeavy?

There’s many variables when it comes to landing ie: Weight, Winds, Aircraft Type and so on. You are asking for a one size fits all answer.

Also, the search feature should also bring a slew of topics to your fingertips as there’s many discussions about this through the years.


i said algorithm not a single speed

Google has some great resources available.

I could give you my speeds that I use but they vary for each aircraft.

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i saw something by aernout but what does class; a, b, c, d, e. mean?

And I gave you an algorithm. It’s called some old fashioned elbow grease and self motivation to poke around the forums and internet.


One heck of a math problem

Being lazy and unwilling is an algorithm for disaster son. This craft will give back what you put into it.


You’d be referring to the aircraft speed categories. See below:

P.S.: Heed Levet’s warning!

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Here’s the a320 and E190 v speeds for both takeoff and approach (by weights/flap setting)

VREF or VAPP? That information is widely available on the internet for each aircraft. Look for charts that break it down by weight.

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@Aquila I cannot for the life of me find approach or takeoff speed charts for the A321 😑

yes i know

but does any one have a more specific answer for the what aircraft types are in what class because “airline jet” and “large jet” arent specific

Google. But almost everything in IF is Category C.

i do 5kts faster than a320 for every thing a321

Plot Twist: People need to learn to fly the props (C172, 7GCAA, and C208) before you pretend to fly an airliner. You can fly those 3 aircraft without having to calculate some sort of algorithm. Flying any of those 3 aircraft and understanding the foundational basics will greatly improve your decision making skill when determining a speed to fly.

Don’t like this advice? Thats fine, but that’s the algorithm that I’ll offer. You can thank me later via PM. 🙂

Hint: If you’re looking for help you need to be specific or others have no way of helping you. Some folks are able to provide you numbers right off the bat if you give a Make & Model you’re looking for. May not always be the case but be more specific next time.

I fly the 208 a lot. I’m assuming that’s the aircraft in question because you were unable to specify. Below are the speeds that I’ll offer:

Takeoff: Full power, Flaps 10, Rotate at 90kts, Above 110kts, retract flaps. Climb out at 115kts.

Cruise: 140-150kts IAS

Approach/Landing: Flaps 10 below 120kts, Flaps 20 below 110kts, Flaps 30 below 100kts. Touch down 85kts


7gcaa? what is that plane

That’s the Super Decathlon

there is no algorithm for this
the fmc takes care of this (vref)