Approach speed calculator "simFMS"


↓I’ve made approach speed calculator.

Compatible aircraft

Select Aircraft, unit of weight and auto throttle option, input gross weight and wind information before landing, then simFMS returns:
・Cross wind component
・Head wind component
・VAPP(Approach speed)


This is amazing! Do you have plans to cover the whole fleet?


Thank you!
I don’t have that plan yet, but If I could get Vref table, I’ll do that.



Do you mind just sliding this into #thirdparty

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Thank you for you advice!

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You have to include a CONF 3 landing option.
In this case the speed is around 140!

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Thanks for your advice!
I’ll add that, if I get CONF3 VREF table.

I ask a pilot friend about the impact or not of the wind speed or direction on landing indicated speed…

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Now you can select A320, B737-800, B777-200ER, B787-9.
But it just a beta version, so there is possibly that not work correctly.


Added B737-800, B777-200ER and B787-9.


Yoyoyo!! Thank you so much!!!


Thank you for using :)

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I have the answer:

About the VApp. The FMS calculates a VLS, slowest speed selectable in function of weight, flaps configuration, center of gravity and terrain level and taking care of an eventual problem. Then VApp = VLS + X. This X is function of wind and the use of ATHR (auto throttle, you don’t have it in IF). Example Yesterday VLS 135, VAPP without ATHR no wind 135, VAPP with ATHR no wind 140, with 20 kts front wind 142, with 40 kts front wind 148, with 5 kts rear wind 140.

He was landing at Johannesburg with the A380.

Finally it’s logical that wind impacts Vapp. At first you could ask why because the plane is drifting embedded inside the wind! But it’s like a bush floating on a river. Before drifting at water speed there’s acceleration. And there’s a lost of energy. It’s not really drifting at water speed. Drifting in the air the lost is weak but has to be consider because you are near stall.

He sent me this picture. Here’s a gift for you:

In other words if your Airbus works well the auto throttle will apply the good speed. Piece of cake.


Thank you so much!
As a first step, I added ATHR option.

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It’s cool but if you have auto throttle the speed will wait for you until you fire flaps one by one until reaching the good Vapp.

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simFMS updated
Now you can get VAPP/VLS for each flaps.
14 50


Thank you for you advice :)

Airbuses do not have autothrottles, or throttles at all.
Airbuses have autothrust and thrust levers.

This button is labeled A/THR for auto throttle
And SPD is on [- - - o] because speed is managed because of auto throttle.
And the speed is reducing as much as you fire flaps. And you have marks to fire flaps in the IAS. Here you can see the -F mark in the PFD because flaps full isn’t fire because it is a conf 3 landing.
On real Airbus.


Thank you for explaining so politely!
Seems I misunderstood about A/THR.
Turned OFF A/THR option as default.