Approach speed and update issues

Hi, hope you are well, i am very frustrated with this update, the app takes forever to load where before it was very fast, When taking off or disabling autopilot the app freezes and I have to wait a second before It unfreezes and finally I set the approach into klax and I ended up under 10,000ft without me realizing. I went back to my iPad and now have a whole bunch of violations. I didn’t think the auto approach would let you go under 10,000ft at cruising speed. Hopefully you can help with these issues that would be great.

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Hi there. I am sorry that you are frustrated with the new update. That being said, have you tried to restart your device? Sometimes a fresh restart clears things up :)

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Hi, regarding the violations: in critical parts of the flight(takeoff, climb, descent, and landing) it’s your responsibility to be present to listen to ATC and monitor your speed. Additionally, the VNAV is only suitable for inputting altitudes at this time, so you have to monitor your speed when you get close to 10,000. Hope this helps!

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Hi! I understand your frustration. The app is taking longer than usual to load due to an increase in players. This has caused many other problems but most of which have been fixed. About your VNAV, I would not recommend arming your VNAV until you are ready for descent and are able to stay next to your device up until shutdown at the gate.

VNAV doesn’t function exactly as it does in real life. In Infinite Flight it controls your descent only, it does not control your speed, and it won’t prevent you from exceeding 250kts under 10,000ft. As for the freezing, this is likely due to the known issues and server loads that came with 20.1.

So there is no way to get any of these violations reversed?

Unfortunately no

Under certain circumstances, yes, however in your case, no.

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The only way violations can be reversed is if they are caused by a bug or glitch. While it is permitted to be away from your device during your flight, you still assume all responsibility for what happens to your aircraft, and you are expected to be attentive to your device during your climb and descent.

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