Approach spawn problem

Every time I spawn in approach to a airport my planes Throttle is 0% and the plane it’s self is banked to the side even before I calibrated my device. Because of this my plane nosedive everytime because it spans at really slow speeds. Also the banking is really annoying. Does anyone know how to fix it or is it just how the game is for everyone


Put some headwind or set the temperature to -30 or so.
That will help for the slow speed but the bank is a weird thing.


Hey man, In order for everyone or anyone to help you could you please state the device and what version it is on? Cheers :)


Also, I noticed that if you have high crosswinds it will bank in the beginning

I’ve got no crosswind

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I’m using a

Samsung galaxy s7 exynos version
Android 6.0.1
Latest IF version

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What aircraft are you using?

A321 but it does it with all planes

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That is weird.
Can you show a screenshot when you spawn?

This is on solo mode, correct? I’m curious to see this as well.


This is weird…
Usually you would spawn at 5nm away but you spawned 12nm away…

Is this “Short Final” or “Approach”? Short final is something you choose once you’ve spawned. Approach you choose when choosing airport&rwy.

Its Approach

It is in the title …

Why when I tilt my iPad, it does nothing, the turning needs to be checked

Just wanted to verify as some people seemed a bit unsure.

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