Approach spam possible?

I am 70 miles out from the London Heathrow and the approach frequency keeps contacting me telling me that I’m in an active air space and need to contact them but I can’t. Isn’t it a 50-mile radius? Are they just unprofessional and spamming me or am I missing something

If you cannot contact them because you are too far out then you are doing nothing wrong. Training Server is where people go to learn so you can always expect there to be some people who won’t know all the correct procedures.
Just continue inbound and contact them when you can.


On TS it is possible to send on guard messages to pretty much any aircraft that are flying in the region. Once I was in Frankfurt and I was getting spammed by approach.

thank you guys, you know I really scary moment is when you go to turn on approach and it says you’re overweight because I forgot to empty my fuel

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