Approach sites for charts

Hello, I love awesome approach, in beautiful, dangerous, airports, but one the dangerous airport like Paro, I looked on the web, and no good charts were there, so I am wondering, is there a website where I put in airport/runway, then Give me instructions to fly it, If there is a website, please tell me!!!

1 Like, flightaware has some aswell

Google “ICAO charts” (may give links of below)

Jeppesen (payment required) (payment required)

Scroll a bit down, page 25ff are the Approach charts.

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yes i think @Jehan_Sabavala will be able to help out with this, he s your man! u can dm him or wait for him to come live, hell able to provide some details about this specific approach. is where I get my SIDs, STARs

You also got the iPad app Navigraph, super detailed charts, it costs 10 euro monthly unfortunately…

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