Approach Sessions on Expert Server and Training Server

Hey everyone,

Thanks for watching this topic. Two days ago, I made a hard decision for me, some of you might have known. Yes, I left IFATC, that big, warm family. In the past one month, I controlled Radar a lot, and here are the screenshots of it. The last one was shot on Training Server, earlier today. I hope ya’ll like them

EGLL Approach

Location: London
Server: Expert
Time: 00:38
Date: July 20th

LPMA Approach

Location: Madeira
Server: Expert
Time: 00:35
Date: July 21st

KJFK Approach

Location: NewYork
Server: Expert
Time: 01:22
Date: August 06th

ZSQD Approach

Location: Qingdao
Server: Training
Time: 01:03
Date: August 11th

Thanks for watching again! I really appreciate everyone helped me in IFATC and also on the forum. Thanks!


That’s a decent farewell to this iconic airport!


Indeed! The time of Liuting is going to an end today, I can’t wait to see pilots fly out from new airport, Qingdao Jiaodong!


Amazing job! Still can’t believe your gone however real life is far more important! Question: what’s it like controlling on TS 😂

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Most of these pilots followed my instructions lol, it was great to control Approach with Door Method. Thanks for your kind words, Collins!


Glad to see your fascinating control.Also good luck in controlling Training Server,my mate!

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