Approach selector does not automatically include destination airport

I’m sorry, I don’t quite know all the right terminology to describe this. On the HUD, on the right side of the main heading indicator, is a control that lets you choose an approach to “lock onto”. Before the global update, if you made a flight plan that ended at an airport, the list of available approaches in that control would always include runways from your destination. In the Global update that’s no longer the case. In areas with many airports close together, it’s not clear how you can get the desired one to appear before you’re too close to need it.


I’ve noticed this too. It may just be a bug, hopefully we will find out soon.

I noticed this too, but it shows up once you are established, you can activate it then. Disconnect LNAV, and fly your final. ;)

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Maybe it’s also server issues. Who knows with all the chaos going on right now.

You can no longer select the approach further then 25NM out like in RL.


Thanks, Prof Sandstrom.

What Brandon said.

The reason for this is because selecting an ILS approach that is 3000NM+ miles away isn’t particularly realistic (frequencies can only extend so far). For this reason, it needs to be manually selected on approach.