Approach Runway List

When planning for landing at Dulles (KIAD), I Select Approach, and see a list of runways. I want to land on runway 12, and see D12, I12, L12, and R12 on the list. There is no left or right runway 12, so I know this is not what L12 and R12 are. What do D, I, L, and R stand for?

ILS, RNAV, and so on

not sure about D and L

ILS RNAV localiser, not sure about D

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Here is the key from the Infinite Flight user guide video about STARs.


That’s it. Thank you Acerobit. I watched that video, but didn’t notice the approach legend to the side of it. Much appreciated.

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D is DME arc

Ah, of course! Inwas sat there for ages trying to thing what that could be, thank you!

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