Approach request

What to do when approach asks what’s your approach request and destination airport has not showed up yet on the radio ?

in the map, at the end of your FPL, add the destination airport as the final Waypoint. Then it should show up as the first option

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Ensure that you add the ICAO at the end of the Flight Plan. So the procedures get more easy then

Just to add to this a little bit, if you are sure that you are within the 65 nautical miles of approach’s airspace and the last waypoint in your FPL is the airport and it still isn’t showing up, you can go back to the frequency list, tune out quickly and tune back in. It should pop up then, but do that at your own risk though, the approach controller may not be the happiest person if you’re tuning in and out.


Thank you all for your response and Input.

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Just had that problem on expert into Zurich… wasn’t in range yet to select but the ATC kept asking, I just ended up quitting the flight

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