Approach Range from Airports

Can anyone shed some light as to how far out the Approach frequency generally ranges from a given airfield? Only the other day I was contacted by a controller with the standard ‘You’re in an active airspace’ on my way in and yet when I went to tune into the frequency it wasn’t available for another 10-15 NM

Welcome to the community @theoneeyedtenor! Was this on expert or training server?

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This was probably a mistake, because Approach should only on-guard you below FL180 at a distance no more than 50 nm from the destination airport. I believe the frequency will appear on your list at around 65 miles but you can access it earlier through the map.
Edit: unless this was training server, then everything makes sense


This was on Expert :)


From (SFC) to (10,000ft) AAL and within 25nm


From (SFC) to (18,000ft) AAL / FL180 and within 50nm


From (SFC) to FL600 and within the white boundaries

Pro Tip: just click on airport icon and check if (tune) in white colour if so than click it on.

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Learning something every day :)

Whenever you’re “on guarded” this is the right step to follow first.

Because of the whole updated airspaces, Tower jurisdiction is now based on the boundaries of the airspace for that particular airport. The 25 NM rule was in force before IF had accurately depicted airspaces.

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