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If the approach controller keeps you at a certain altitude, not giving you clearance to reduce to capture the ILS, how do you go about it? I do not want to drop altitude as needed and obviously go against the controllers direction. I requested a lower altitude, but was denied and told to stay at 12k. At a certain point it was too late and my approach was way too high. Appreciate all input.


What was the elevation of the airport in question?

If you are unable to intercept the localizer, you are welcome to execute a missed approach.


You can descend once established so you may have just not been descending. Second, just request a lower altitude. You also have to take into that you have to have 1,000ft separation with the ground. That may also come into affect.

Guess I’m still trying to figure this out. I have such a fear of being ghosted that I do not move without controller approval. I figured he would direct me lower, but instead switched me over to tower. I did request lower, but was told to stay at 120ft

If you want to know the full story, I recommend messaging your controller. You can find their name in your replay and message them here on the forum. Let us know if you have trouble finding them.


If you were at SKBO, the current approach controller is @Jakub_Astary and you can message him.

Also, at that airport, the ILS clearance has to be at 12,000 or there will likely be a terrain bust (<1,000 AGL). Take a look at the terrain map below. He may have just cleared you a little too close to the cone.

Yeah I was just research this as well. Appreciate the response.

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If you have a fear, I take it you feel not so comfortable with ATC coverage. I would recommend taking a look at the User Guide, and watching some of Infinite Flight’s official videos online. We all feel this way at some stage, especially in some conditions or airfields.

This is in my opinion, the best thing to do. The controllers do make mistakes, but are mainly on point with these kind of things. So, follow all instructions is my main advice, unless it will mean that you will collide with the ground or another aircraft.

Happy Flying!

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Took a few practice runs on the free flight server, but I finally figured it out. I’m a hands on learner so even reading the the user guide doesn’t help me much. I now see exactly why the controller did what he did. They are good! Wish there were more commands in the back and forth with ATC, but guess that would seriously clog up the radio. Appreciate the responses!

See y’all in the air.


It’s great to see a learning moment taking place. We, as IFATC, are not here to be an iron fist, as some people might think. Rather, we exist solely to provide a safe, fun, and educational airspace and experience to all who fly through our scope!

I appreciate that you took the time to learn, correct, and observe the procedures that the controller was trying to implement, and see first-hand why they did what they did. The IFC is always open if you have any questions pertaining to anything ATC related, or just in general.

On behalf of IFATC, thank you for flying with us. Stay safe and, as you put it:



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