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Hello aviators…
Just a quick question regarding the approach… After setting my flight plan and choosing everything like SID, enroute waypoints, STAR and approach, do i need to tune ILS frequency to NAV1 as we used to do in the previous version of this simulator? Or the aircraft would fly the selected approach directly without adjusting NAV mode as before?

Hey, when flying an ILS you always need to tune into Nav 1 (if available)

Hope this helps :)

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Thanks for answering… So as before; we have to press on an airport’s icon, choose the required runway, assign ILS frequency to NAV1 and then switch from GPS to source NAV1, right?

From LNAV to APPR…


Even if it has already been chosen during planning a flight and all waypoints already there?

Let me jump into IF, take a picture and explain :)

Tune into the ILS:

Then when here: (more below)

When you are at the “X” you can hit the APPR:

The NAV 1 is what the aircraft will fly to @Crown.plane, but for the auto land and for the aircraft to stay on the glide slope and center line you must be on APPR.


If you are flying ILS, same as before. If you are flying GPS, use VNAV. Set the waypoint over the runway to just above airport elevation if you want vertical guidance that low down. Still tune into the ILS regardless though if there is one.

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So if the FAF should be overflown at 4500 feet; would the aircraft fly the pre-selected approach altitudes without selecting APPR?

Your approach has set altitudes for the VNAV. Then when APPR is on that will do it’s own thing. Does that answer your question?

Ok great… That means VNAV should be kept until i intercept the FAF then after this point the aircraft should start 3 degree descent into runway after pressin APPR… If after FAF APPR wasn’t activated; then the aircraft would keep the last altitude and just overshoot the runway unless AP is disconnected, right?!

Once APPR is enabled it will descend on the glide slop, align on the center line and flare for you…

What is it you are not understanding?

Ok thanks mate… I got all the points now and will try by myself the first flight after update… God bless… Happy flying… Stay safe

Glad to help, anything else feel free to message me.
Have a good flight!
Stay safe :)

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