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I have a question about approaching Kai Tak, I tried to post this at a different thread but evidently all other threads revolving around VHHX have been closed. I have a question about when I begin the approach at VOR CH (8000) can I approach it at any angle like this photo below. I am coming in from the northwest.

You certainly could but I don’t think you’d be setting yourself up for success that way and if ATC is active, it’s unlikely you’ll stay on that FPL and you’ll end up being vectored around. When I say “setting yourself up for success,” I’m more referring to the fact that if you don’t take that turn, at the VOR, at a slow speed, you’ll overshoot it and add time to your flight.

That said, if I had a personal recommendation that would keep things running a bit more smooth, I would say that if you’re coming from the north, make your way in the VMMC (Macau) direction, then turn left to be parallel to the CH —> GOLF leg, and come in from the south to enter the CH VOR. 👍

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Thank you Shane. Cheers!

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When I see a FPL, I’m thinking in terms of what’s most efficient and will require the least amount of work for ATC and cause the least amount of hassle for yourself. In the picture you sent, it seem that waypoint way out to the right would cause some inefficiencies which would likely lead a controller to vector you off of that as well. Something very close to the likes of this picture below should get you in nice and smooth should you come in contact with other pilots or ATC!

So Fix OTKUM is too far to the right for comfortability?

In my opinion, yes. As a pilot and as a controller, I would have the opinion that it creates unnecessary delays when there are other waypoints that can help me enter the approach path more directly. At the end of the day, it’s always up to you, only a suggestion Do what you feel is comfortable and ATC will adjust as necessary should they open upon your arrival. 😄

I’m using CH, GOLF, SL, HKMM1, RW, VHHX since they used to be what was required in the NOTAM, but it looks like they removed it now. It was the old NOTAM.

Well, here’s a solution with reference to real-world procedures!

Just posted 😂


Well that was very convenient 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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But for some reason I can’t find golf-1 golf-2 and golf-3

Just use the fpl file provided - these fixes are custom waypoints that do not exist in IF database.

Are you sure about using fix MIKE and CHALI? They are way down south.

I mean I guess if it’s real life that’s the best there is.

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