Approach Question After Runway Change

Just now on Expert I was flying from WSSS to WMKK in a 744.
There was no ATC at WMKK and all runways were green. I chose 32R to land on.

When I was about 3 nm from intercepting the ILS for 32R, ATC came online.
I was told to enter right downwind for 14R. No further instructions were given.
I was on the opposite side of the airfield at about 4000 ft.

To get to right downwind for 14R I had to turn south and had to first cross 14R (the ILS for 32L)
which was in use for both inbound and outbound traffic. I could already see traffic coming my way.
I climbed to 5000 ft, entered right downwind for 14R and completed my flight successfully.
Luckily I was far enough to the south in time to be a problem for traffic departing from 14R.

My question is about the altitude I climbed to when I was told to switch from 32R to 14R.
I didn’t receive altitude instructions. Since I was already so close to the ILS for 32L when I turned south, I climbed to 5000 feet, hoping that would be high enough.

So I had to cross an active runway for outbound traffic at 10 nm from the runway. That worried me.
At what altitude should I have been?
Should ATC have given me more instructions than just to enter right downwind for 14R.

This is not to complain about ATC. I’d just like to learn.


I was about to intercept 32R when ATC came online and told me to enter right downwind for 14R.
Not left downwind, which would have made more sense to me. To reach right downwind I had to turn south, crossing both 14R and 15.

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Yea I got ya my bad left downwind would have been better in that situation.


Is there a safe altitude to cross active runways?
Was 5000 ft okay? I was already at 4000 ft and didn’t have much time.

How far away where you when you crossed?

10 nm. I ‘touched’ the ILS triangle for 32L

3000 would be correct

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Usually atc should tell you, but 3000 should be alright.

Else request for a transition

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Yes they should have given you more instructions. I don’t know exactly what altitude you should have been but they should have at least given you instructions

that’s what i was thinking

A 747 climbing out of 14R with a VS of 2500 would be at about 6000 ft when exiting the ILS triangle.
Should outbound traffic go over approaching traffic?
Or should this have been avoided all together?

When in the pattern, you should be anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000.

Pattern height is 1500 AGL for a jet, but this is not about that.

Jan, you could ask, if the pattern entry command (enter right pattern 14R) was erroneous (and that would be an interesting question) - but instead you asked: At what altitude should I have been?
Answer: you should have been at pattern altitude, because you received a pattern entry command.

Should outbound traffic go over approaching traffic?

In this case: yes, I would say so. And if you were at pattern altitude, you would have made sure, that this would happen. Your climb up to 5000 wasn’t a good idea in this very strange situation, tmho. At least according to ATCs command you should have done a descend to pattern altitude. A very unlucky situation…

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