Approach Procedures

I’m on a flight from Qatar to Cairo and the ATIS sees I need arrival procedures but the arrival procedures are disabled I have approach set but not the arrival procedure, How can I fix this without getting a violation?

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You won’t get any violation, rest assured. This is not an issue restricted to you, noone has access to HECA’s procedures. just try making a realistic flight plan, and if ATC is active there is a high chance that you will get vectored.
Don’t worry.

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Ok I’m just making sure because I got a level two violation from Toronto center because I didn’t use the preferred arrival star then when I did fix my arrival to the preferred star but I got a violation anyway.

If you feel like you got that Level 2 violation wrongly, feel free to message @ appeals. (as long as the violation was less than 7 days ago).

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This was just last night

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