Approach problems with A350

This happened to me as well

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What I dont get is how is it possible some aircraft like the CRJ have so good AP and others like 320 or 350 not so good. But I guess is not that simple.

I tried approach mode but it would not activate. Had to do manual landing. Are there certain settings we must do to activate it

Check this tutorial by Trio:

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I did all that, still completely unstable.

I replied to @Captain_Millz

I have flown the A350 many hours and landings without issues. Both with and without APPR.
I’d say the issue is aircraft in wrong config. Have you tried APPR with a light load?

In the video i have no pax and no cargo and aircraft is properly configured.

Can you meet me at an airport in an A350? Casual server. We can do a pattern and land

I dont have time right now

Ok. Let me know when you have time :-)

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