Approach problems with A350

I had it at 20%, but I dont think that matters when you have AP on.

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I normally use 45% trim on landing and it handles just fine speed at 150 to 155 and full flaps

Yes but the trim is mostly for manual flying as I understood autopilot is not affected you can put trim to 100% and the autopilot is gonna handle it.

Did you deactivate it then activate it again?

When you deactivate the APPR mode the complete autopilot disconects.

Thats fine you should have the device calibrated so it wont mess ur landing up

Happens to me too, except with pitch instead of roll.

This happened to me as well

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What I dont get is how is it possible some aircraft like the CRJ have so good AP and others like 320 or 350 not so good. But I guess is not that simple.

I tried approach mode but it would not activate. Had to do manual landing. Are there certain settings we must do to activate it

Check this tutorial by Trio:

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I did all that, still completely unstable.

I replied to @Captain_Millz

I have flown the A350 many hours and landings without issues. Both with and without APPR.
I’d say the issue is aircraft in wrong config. Have you tried APPR with a light load?

In the video i have no pax and no cargo and aircraft is properly configured.

Can you meet me at an airport in an A350? Casual server. We can do a pattern and land

I dont have time right now

Ok. Let me know when you have time :-)

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