Approach problems with A350

Is somebody else having problems with the A350 APPR mode? In the beginning i thought I was intercepting the ILS too fast or with too big angle but I tried today activating it already aligned with the runway and it started going side to side like crazy.


Side to side is an indication you were going too slow. Try speeding up and seeing if it goes away. Happened to me before @DeerCrusher showed me the errors I made.


I wasnt going too slow at 160kts and flaps 3.

Can you share your replay?

When i get home i will try to uplod it.

@oscnogbal I’ll just throw this here so you can take a peek at this when you’ve got a moment. Depending on how heavy or light you are, will depend on the approach speed you’ll need to fly. I would take a look at your aircraft load found in one of your toolbar icons across the bottom. You’ll need to scroll to select this. Unofficial A350 (T/O & LDG) Profiles

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Well you can clearly see if you are going too slow by looking at the angle of attack. I will upload the replay as soon as i get home.

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This is the replay. The quality is awful but i was almost fully aligned already with the runway. Also the IAS is wrong during the replay for some reason but you can take a look at the GS. I was doing 160kts with flaps 3.

Thats way to fast


Oh nvm just realized u said IAS was wrong😂

What was your trim setting?

I had it at 20%, but I dont think that matters when you have AP on.

@DeerCrusher @Chris_S

No need to tag us. We will reply when able.


I normally use 45% trim on landing and it handles just fine speed at 150 to 155 and full flaps

Yes but the trim is mostly for manual flying as I understood autopilot is not affected you can put trim to 100% and the autopilot is gonna handle it.

Did you deactivate it then activate it again?

When you deactivate the APPR mode the complete autopilot disconects.

Thats fine you should have the device calibrated so it wont mess ur landing up

Happens to me too, except with pitch instead of roll.