Approach problem

Hello everyone, today I noticed that in some regions we have approach problems, as today I was on approach to palm beach (ATC approach) and ended up on the edge, my plane started to lose speed and fall down … I was going to fall into the sea

Do you mean when using APPR mode for autoland?

No he means me vectoring him out of the region for spacing. It was a real IF emergency luckily no one crashed 😕


Yes it is as @Brandon_Sandstrom said!

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but it is not the fault of Atc crontroller

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There should be some sort of previous warning before reaching the end of the map, the one available appears just before having your throttle idled automatically.

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I totally forgot they made it to where you can’t even hold the throttle out of the region. Holds around the airport will have to be done in this case.


That is the only thing I don’t like about the south Florida region. That the map border is so close to the airports down the east coast

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Yeah I was thinking you’d have to hold before vectoring for final approach. It’s difficult still because the region boundaries aren’t visible on the in-game map.

Yea, had the same issue today…got warning that area is outside of coverage, loss of speed, couldnt accelerate anymore, leaver was stuck…florida region …

IRL planes fly circling the airport at different altitudes, what you say would add realism or, if bad implemented or done, chaos.

I mentioned this in a thread about a week ago. The size of the region makes it difficult to get a good approach for runways that are near the coast

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