Approach problem (Help)

I have an issue. So lets say i’m going to plan a flight, and I calculate the approach distance using . Whenever I start the approach at the correct time, I always go completely over the airport. It totally misses the airport. For example, lets say I am flying from Houston to Los Angeles. I would set the altitude at which i will start descending, The descent speed, target altitude (usually 2000 feet above runway), and the descent rate, as shown below.

So once i am 43 miles away from the airport and I am at 140 knots, I start to descent to 2128 feet at 1500 f/m. When I do this, I totally overshoot the airport by a thousand feet or so. Does anyone know what i’m doing wrong? Please help because I want to make good and easy approaches. I feel like i’m following the directions, but its just not fitting together.

It’s not what you are doing wrong, it’s what you aren’t doing. If you see you will overshoot the airport, make a 360 in either direction at a low turn angle to lose altitude.

But why? Wouldn’t the approach calculator do the job perfectly? Is it my target altitude thats messed up?

The reason you overshoot. You don’t fly at 140knts. Where you start your descent. You change speed along the way unless you adjest descent rate appropriately you will be too high or too low. That’s where the VNAV comes in.

Im sorry whats the vnav? And whats the point of the current speed then?

Vnav= vertical navigation. The computer calculate optimum vertical speed to descent for the target altitude

When does the vnav enable?

You change speed as you’re descending even if your Airspeed in Knots is @140 due to wind. That’s why pilots adjust their speed to get the perfect descent.

We don’t have built-in IF. You can buy in flight assistant. It has the feature. If you use chart you will know at what point you have to be in certain altitude. If you follow that. You can do manually as what vnav does.

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Inflight Assistant doesn’t have Vnav, Only too high or too low callouts. (Glidescope Warnings)

I use them. You sure?


That’s glideslope/localiser. I’m away. I don’t have tablet with me. Hope somebody else post it

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In the real world, Approach freq’s would guide you to the airport with the appropriate ALT in order to get you to the glidescope perfectly, but in Infinite Flight, thats not always the case. That’s why i use “FPL to IF” which creates a flight plan from either FlightAware or Simbrief with accurate FPL’s and descent rates, I recommend you try it out.

Here, I have a tutorial on making a professional flight plan.

Watch the whole thing, at the end i explain the VNAV in IFA.

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IFAssistant doesnt have VNAV iirc unless we are talking about two different Apps

No, IFA does have VNAV. Here’s how you find it:

  1. Open IFA
  2. Tap on MORE in the bottom right
  3. Tap on Alerts/NAV
  4. Enter the altitudes and speeds in the VNAV way points

This is all I get.

No we taking about same app, You need to load flight plan and goto more tab. Enter alt, speed. It will descent automatically. I will post screenshot when I get home.

This is what I get

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