Approach plates

I have been studying the approach plates for various airports. What I’m finding is that the pilots either do not have these approach plates, or are not following them. It would be great to have a message in miscellaneous, that advises the pilots to study the approach plates for the approaches they are rqstg.

For example, I cleared three pilots to the GPS 13 right approach at Palm Springs. The pilot is supposed to contact the initial approach fix, which is the Palm Springs VOR. These pilots are apparently confused, and are approaching the airport as if they’re trying to intercept the localizer. The actual approach, after contacting the IAF, is to fly a series of sixes that arcs to the left along the Lowhills to the east of banning pass. There must be someway in the app to signal to these pilous that they’re asking for an approach without having the plate. It would make for both a much more realistic simulation, And for better synchronization between ATC and the pilots.

What I’m asked for an approach to an airport that’s unfamiliar, I pick up another device and study the plate before I give instructions.

It makes me long for the advanced ATC server, where the rules are followed by experienced pilots. By the way, how does one get into the advanced server, where we can take our ATC skills to the next level?


This is a very good idea. When I fly to KEWR on Live I use the Morris Avenue Visual Runway 29 Approch plate. Also, view this topic, it may help with your request :)


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