Approach plates app


Does anyone know of any apps with comprehensive approach plates on?

I know that Navigraph Charts is pretty good, other than that you can just type in in Google: “ICAO Airport Charts” and it will give some good charts, but they are not always updated.


Yeah navigraph is good but I believe you need to pay for this subscription to get the latest AIRAC cycles, or something near that

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For Navigraph, you don’t have to buy the Nav Data with newer AIRAC Cycles. The Nav Data is only for computer simulators who’s default data is from years ago. It’s $70 USD per year just for the Charts. The Nav Data can be purchased separately for $29 USD per year or as a package for $83 USD per year or $9 per month. The Navigraph Charts App is great for charts, but I have been having trouble inserting a flight plan. But you might as well use the free ones on sites like SkyVector.

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You could also use this link:
Just copy and paste it in your browser, while also simultaneously changing the word ‘ICAO’ to the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) code of the airport you wish to see charts for. This is completely free without any side effects :/.

I’d like to give credit to @roostbrood for this amazing information that is useful to me once I can perfect the art of reading approach plates :/,

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Navigraph is really good. I use “Sim Plates Ultra” on my phone before I had a subscription to Navigraph. its a one time purchase with the same level of charts. Easy app to use and filter.

If you do get Navigraph you can link Simbrief and Navigraph and then all of your simbrief plans will pull newer cycles.

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thanks chaps. some useful info to look into. :)

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