Approach Planning

What does the different letters before the approach planning runways like I22R?

Check this out:

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H is an RNAV (RNP) approach
R is a regular RNAV GPS approach
I is an ILS approach
L is a localiser-only approach

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Oh thank you

At Haneda (RJTT), there are letters such as ‘X’, and ‘D’ preceding the runway number, for example ‘X23-Z’. What would these mean then?

Those are for the LDA approaches to 22 and 23 - which have a left turn to line up with the runway about 500ft AGL.

Its not possible IRL to do a straight ILS approach to those runways due to noise abatement procedures I believe.

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I’m not positive but I think D would be an approach category. Category D has a radius of 2.3 miles and should be flown at more than 141 knots but less than 166 knots.

Edit: never mind, what’s written above is probably correct

Ah the 22/23 non-precision approaches I see, just got to dig out some charts. Interesting the Devs did not mention the special characters for these. Thanks for your help!

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