Approach/Pilot waypoint feature request

With the released code, I’ve been using terrain maps with terrain warning on while flying to generate Approach aides. For global, I was thinking I could use other resources to do something similar, but the issue is going to be applying those findings on the map in IF.

I was thinking… I know, that’s dangerous, but here goes. It would be nice if we could insert waypoints with altitudes attached to them via something like the waypoint/airport search tool. Maybe set it up so you enter a lat lon alt data set separated by commas. Something like this… lat1 lon1 alt1,lat2 lon2 alt2… when entered, they would show up on the map as a waypoint with an altitude instead of a name.

This would give the approach controller the option of either marking peaks or an approach path. This solves the problem of how to map what we find in 3’rd party apps with the IF map.

This ability could also be made available to pilots so they can place waypoints of their own. This would allow for flying an approach that isn’t currently supported with the included waypoints, and would allow for an approach controller to test his approach path.

These waypoints would only persist for duration of the session and would need to be added each time you start a session.


Great for terrain but would also be a really nifty feature for general use too.


something else that would help out Greatly , is to be able to zoom out and be able to see fixes and navaids. Right now , it is pretty useless


Agreed, when you zoom out, those user generated waypoints should always be visible.

I’d also like all controlled airports to remain visible, at least on the approach map.

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Can you move this to the proper place for a released Global feature request?

Done Gary Hamsz, it’s in #features now.

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As we get closer to a release that once again includes terrain for the approach controller, it might be a good to consider adding this feature! I would like to tweak it somewhat so that its not just waypoints with altitudes. Each dataset that’s entered should be displayed the same way a flightplan is displayed while flying. In other words as a set of connected waypoints, but with the altitude displayed at each waypoint. It should also be possible to enter multiple datasets.

This would give the approach controller the ability to plot actual approach paths on his map.


hummmmm, it’s a good idea but looks complicated to do

Nothing is too complicated for @GHamsz

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On the contrary, we already have the code that displays flightplans on the map for pilots, along with the front end for inputting them. Should be a relatively straight forward effort to add the ability for the parser to pick up the altitude.

If you’re referencing the difficulty of coming up with the data in the first place, we basically do that before we open any airport with terrain. This would allow for displaying what we’ve learned on the map.

Another up side of this feature is that controllers could share there approaches with each other, eventually leading to a huge store of approaches for everyone.

One other point… it was not my intention that the approach controllers plan would be uploaded to the server, and distributed to all pilots. It was my thinking that it would reside only on the approach controllers device, or the pilots device if that portion was adopted also.


ohhhhh ok
It sounds good soo

You’ve got my vote!!

Definitely got my vote !

Here, I go in depth about the significance of this request!

Voted for this. It would be an incredible way for approach controllers to remember where mountains are, or mark approach paths (SIDS and STARs even) to give a better, more realistic experience.

Additionally, it would be nice to have time when starting a session to add these points, so it’s not a rush of building your own path and handling 30 aircraft all calling in at once. But maybe that’s another feature request…

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This would be a great tool to have! Thought of this after VNKT was featured recently, most aircraft fly a complex RNAV approach that snakes in between numerous mointains.

It would be great to be able to define these approaches and clear for them, as this would take a massive burden off of approach and create a more realistic environment. When plugging in these sort of approaches into IF, it would be nice if we were also able to define a point to point as “direct” or “arc”. With most circumferences of arcs being on charts we could put them in and the map would display an appropriate curve. It would also be great if we could define at what point the rest of the approach using different types of lines, such as dotted or full, as well as the ability to put in go-around procedures. This is needed badly to fill the gap put in place by the discontinuation of GPS approaches!


Correct me if I’m wrong

This should be the responsibility of the pilot to follow the charts. Outside the suggestion of being able to turn waypoints leg in arcs the rest is to be done by the pilot.

Aren’t these approach flown manual by the way?

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To my knowledge, approach will or can clear for RNAVs through terminology such as, in this case, “proceed direct RATAN, cleared RNAV Runway 02”. The proposition isn’t that complex, TLDR; approach can input real world procedures with a name into the sim which will show up on the global map when approaching the airport, then approach can vector a line for it and clear at the IAF.

Just something like this on the map could be shown to approaching pilots with altitude restrictions for specific waypoints. When cleared pilots would fly it themselves.

It doesn’t make a difference for this, they are still being cleared for an instrument approach, so they can do either or.


I’d love this so much. tbn60+tbn50+kabil+d357x+d357p+ugano+tbn dilok+tb50a+tbn40+tbn24+tbn16+ugano+tbn angod+vaman+sabla+donti+TBN DGO+sabla+donti+TBN&submit=Apply

Same functionality that’s on in-app would be fantastic for controlling!

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With VNKT being featured again this week thought I would bring this topic up again. This is really needed at airports that are constricted by terrain with RNAVs streaking through valleys and around mountains, but it can still work at the most basic level as well, with the simple base to final GPS approach found at many airports! With GPS approaches being removed they deserve a replacement.